Managed Services

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NEDSS Managed Services can drastically reduce your company overheads, cut down on staff man-hours and free up resources for additional duties company-wide. Our managed solutions also allow companies to benefit from centralised knowledgebase and the specialist expertise of our consultants and technicians.





Description of Services

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Service Areas Description Frequency
Document software and hardware changes
Data backup and restore
Periodical reports – work accomplished, work in progress, etc.
Monthly or As requested
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99.9% Service Level

Servers Manage servers
Monitor all server services
Keep Service Packs, Patches and Hot fixes Current as per company policy
Check server event logs to identify potential issues
Exchange Server user/mailbox management
Monitor Active Directory & WINS replication
SQL server management
Run maintenance services on all drives
Scheduled off time server maintenance
Install supported software upgrades
Set up and maintain groups (account, admin, printers, sales, warehouse, etc)
Alert client to dangerous conditions
i. Memory running low
ii. Hard drive showing sign of failure
iii. Hard drive running out of disk space
iv. Controllers losing interrupts
v. Network cards reports unusual collision activity
Educate and correct user errors (deleted files, corrupted files, etc.)
Clean and prune directory structure, keep efficient and active
Ongoing or As needed

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Man hours saved

Devices Manage Routers, Switches, Firewalls and Desktops
Manage Network Printers
Manage other Networked Devices
Performance Monitoring/Capacity Planning
Remote PC Management/Help Desk
Remote Printer Management
Remote Network Management
Remote Server Management
Networking Monitoring
Onsite Labour
Ongoing or As needed
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Decreased IT Expenditure


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Minimised Downtime


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Reduced Implementation Times


Packages 1 – 5 PCs with 1 Server [duplicator icon=”laptop” start=”0″ stop=”5″ max=”5″ direction=”right” style=”solid”]

6 – 10 PCs / 2 Servers [duplicator icon=”laptop” start=”6″ stop=”10″ max=”10″ direction=”right” style=”simple”]


11 – 20 PCs / 3 Servers [duplicator icon=”laptop” start=”10″ stop=”14″ max=”14″ direction=”right” style=”simple”]


20+ PCs / 4+ Servers[duplicator icon=”laptop” start=”13″ stop=”16″ max=”16″ direction=”right” style=”simple”]


Please contact us for pricing details